Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Patek Philippe!

Dearest Brian,

First, I want to thank you for the slice of Myra's cheesecake. It was delicious indeed but she really needs to work on her packaging.

Second, I am not a coffee expert but the Hazelnut cappuccino was delicious to the last drop. I wish you would deliver me a cup every morning here in Peninsula.

Third, as you handed me the cup of coffee, I couldn't help but admire your Patek Philippe 5960R. A little bird told me about how you received this watch as a gift from your mom. I imagined a wonderful story about how your mom suprised you with a box and you excitedly opened it, tearing the wrapper like a child. I pictured your mom with a smile on her face, holding her breath just to see your reaction of utmost joy and delight when you see what's inside the box. I was hoping for a Hallmark moment as you slowly open the leather box....and gasp with happiness.....

So imagine my disappointment when CYT tells me that when your mom handed you the box, your first reaction was "Hmm, how much did this cost?" No jumping up and down, no smiling and hugging and kissing. No "WOOHOOO!!!" Just lifting of an eyebrow curious as to the kind of dent it made in the bank account. And knowing for sure that it was like a feather hitting steal, that shouldn't have mattered.

And just so you know how magnificent this watch is, I want you to watch this video.

After you watch it, go make yourself a cup of Macadamia Nut coffee, drink it slowly. Tell yourself, "Gosh, Candy is right....I am so lucky to have such a great Mom who shops for me. I should really give Candy a gold bullion just to show her how grateful I am for making me realize this." (You may send it to Peninsula and thank you in advance.)

And then, head on towards where your Mom is and give her a big, tight and loving hug. Say "Thank you Mom, for making sure that I will always be fashionably on time with my Patek Philippe.

Patek Philippe
Lucerne, add them in Facebook.

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