Saturday, December 4, 2010


Last night, I was pulled aside by Rajo and we talked briefly about my Mom and how we both miss her. I almost cried despite the party mood in Salon De Ning. He also told me that he loves my blog and that it is in his top 3 favorites. I am not sure if it was the alcohol talking but he did mention that he is most honest when drunk so I will take it as that and savour the fact that my baby, is one of his faves.

Actually, I am really happy when I blog. It is an engine for my emotional release that I treasure a whole lot. When I press the PUBLISH button, I feel a sense of accomplishment that makes me sit back and sigh with contentment. Another story told, restaurant featured, travel experience shared, tips on shopping and jewelry creations promoted and everything that I love to share with my beloved readers.

The most important part of my being a blogger is the positive outcome it can affect my readers. I love it when Ginny, Irene and Rufina started using Close Up White Now when I wrote about it. The way Margarita had her Keratin Hair Treatment done upon seeing my hair on my feature in STRAIGHT and SMOOTH Salon. I am ecstatic when I receive the things I express my desire for in my blog such as the Captain Crunch cereal that chuvaness sent me, the Poppycock from Lucy Gomez, the luggage set from Kamiseta and so much more.

I believe that my circle of friends have tremendously expanded to the size of the equator since my blog and I am so thankful. SO SO SO GRATEFUL to ALL my readers and friends who have supported my causes like Rowena, Cristina, Christine, Cris, Grace and many more for the FABELLA Hospital babies. Mai and David, Macky, Debbie and others who gave food, clothing and toiletries to victims of Ondoy and to Rob Pengson for helping me distribute them in Marikina.

My fashion designer friends, Puey, Dennis, James, Rajo for making me feel like a princess whenever there is an event I have to attend to. The laughters and dance moves we have shared this past year is a book on its own. The stories of our love for the male species and good food has entertained my readers tremendously. Steffie who is my travel companion in Europe, HK, Indonesia, Tokyo and hopefully a lot more in the future.

My love life in itself is going to be a great blockbuster hit if someone should make a movie out of it. Calling Columbia Pictures or MGM, I want Reese Witherspoon to play my character. Do you see the resemblance? Do you? You see it?? No?? Are you sure?? Look closely...still no?? Ok, whatever, my movie, my choice.

Josh Duhamel to play AG. I know they don't look a like but Marlon Brando is dead so he will do.

Ok, now I am starting to sound like I just won an Oscar but this is just to express my utmost gratitude to all of you who have made my life so filled with laughter, tears, fun and excitement that I have stories to write in my blog.

I can't possibly thank everyone in one post but you know who you are. Those who clicked on my ads and made me earn a few cents each time, big hug!

So anyway, you may be asking why I suddenly am thanking everyone as if it is my last post, well it's definitely NOT, I just want to announce my super duper CANDIFIER CHRISTMAS CONTEST!!!! Yup, another CCC aside from the Candifier Chocolate Cake. Gosh, I love my C's!

I am working on the questions now. All you have to do is answer them, email it back to me and the one with all the correct answers and is number 8 to submit it is the winner.

More on this on the next post.

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