Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fabella Babies.

Just wanted to share with you what the momsformoms experienced last week when we went to Fabella Hospital to visit the babies and see the condition of the premises.

These babies are in the holding room. Basically, there's nothing much wrong with these babies but what I didn't like was the fact that they were in a small crowded room where the air condition was KAPUT. There were quite a few mosquitos and the babies were being bit that their legs have a number of red bite marks. I am trying to get a friend to sponsor an AC unit so that the babies can wear pajamas. Kawawa diba?

This baby is literally wanting his own space.

Not liking this eyepatch. It's made out of a thin cardboard cut out. Think paper cuts!!! OUCH!

These babies are FRESH from the "oven". Literally a few minutes old. I don't like their name tags. It is again a medicine carton box cut out and some are sharp and might give the babies paper cuts.

For my readers....I am pretty sure that when you gave birth in St. Lukes, Cardinal Santos, Capitol Medical, Medical City, Makati Med, Asian Hospital, or out of the country even, that your baby had his/her own bassinet. Fully clothed with expensive baby pajamas and wrapped like a "lumpia" to keep them warm. These babies have none of that. Any kind of donation will be most appreciated.

For the bottles and other things that have been donated but are not useful to FABELLA babies, we will be donating them to an orphanage that momsformoms is also supporting.

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