Thursday, September 10, 2009

RAOUL, The Collection.

Some were nice. The flowing dresses, backless tops, tight skirts and flower prints on soft material. Others, I found a bit out of place. The pants of the men were too short, it was awkward. Could have been a bit shorter for the cropped pants look but this was not so short, not long enough. Even Cedric says so and he has more fashion sense than me.

The fur coats? Hmmm, I never did get to ask if they were real. If they were, then PETA would not be happy. I think that for those who are rich enough to buy fur coats, they must already have a house in Europe, US or winter wonderland places. My friend NP has a house in LA and Greece. She said that all her fur coats are already there so as to avoid having to pack them up whenever she travels. I think that's smart and logical. So to actually sell and wear them here in Manila might be a mistake. It never gets THAT cold here, even in December. But anyway, I guess SSI know exactly what they are doing. After all, they are the gazillionaires.


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