Monday, September 14, 2009

Joey Mead, the Birthday Girl.

It was 2 events happening at once in the same venue. Most importantly, it was Joey Mead's birthday and she looked stunning and always wore a big warm smile for everyone who was there to wish her a good one! 

The well wishers.
David Kaufman and JM Rodroguez.

Giselle, Joey Mead and Rajo Laurel.

Nix Alanon, RL and Cedric Cid.

NA looking like Clark Kent.

Pepper Teehankee.

Lara Parpan.

Stephanie Chong and Robby Carmona.

Cedric Cid and Puey Quinones. 

My teenage crush, Albert Martinez.

Here's Steffie trying to steal him away.

Your bloggerina and RL.
Happy Birthday JOEY!!!!

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