Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Heather Miss Grey!

Cecile Van Straten designed a collection called Heather Miss Grey for Bleach Catastrophe and when it was launched, last week, I made the mistake of being late because when I got there, the racks were nearly empty. GRRRR....

My sister was able to get a dress, same as the one Ria B. is wearing here.

Lucille got one as well. See how she wears it. (photo grabbed from chuvaness)

And at the last minute, I got the same dress that my sister got. So basically, we are screwed if Ria, Janina and I go out one night wearing the same dress. It is either a disaster or really cute that we are united by Heather Miss Grey.

Here's my gang of the evening.

Lucille and Ria, sisters-in-law to be??? Uuuyy...

The Heather Miss Grey peeps.

Fashion comes in grey and black, as shown by Lucille, Cedric and Janina.

Carmina Sanchez also got the same dress that Janina, Ria and I got.
Wondertwin Powers...ACTIVATE!

Your bloggerina with Janina, Cedric and Cecile.

Cedric and I.

Lucille styled me for this evening by the way. Thanks sistah!


Anonymous said...

Loving your look Candifier!!!

candifier said...

thanks! with the weight loss, it's easier to look better. hihihi.