Friday, September 18, 2009

Envy Me.

When Tita Bella heard about my ouchy heart incident, she texted me to ask me how I was doing. She gave me encouraging words and made me feel much better afterwards. After a few weeks, she and I met up at the Pen store to discuss a design. She then asked me for lunch and if you know Tita Bella and her knowledge about what great food is all about, I would be stupid to say no.

It was to be in Jasmine of The Renaissance Hotel. A Chinese restaurant that I have always wanted to go back to. The first time I was there was with CYT and Janina and we only had a few delicious dimsum.

With Tita Bella taking charge of the ordering, I knew I was in super great calorific hands.


Chef Wing Ki Choi prepared our lunch which Cedric, Tita Bella and I went through like a hurricane.

Crispy lechon skin with bread and lechon meat on the bottom (salivating as I type).

The chef came out to say hello and to personally prepare my shao lung pao. Is there better service than this?

Lobster!!! I was so spoiled because T. Bella had to ask the kitchen to take the shells out for me. I am not so good at taking the meat out of crustaceans.

MMMMM, the warm barbeque pork buns are to die for.

Tenderloin slivers with garlic. Although we found the meat to be a bit tough, the flavor was so good!!! I must have had half of the plate. Cedric ate the rest with is rice, which I forgot to take a photo of (GRRR!!!).

Oh my goodness....YOU must try this dish. It is truly delicious that next time I go to Jasmine, I will order one JUST FOR ME ALONE!!

Butchi with dark chocolate oooozing out from in the inside.

Ok, your bloggerina failed to take the names of dishes that T. Bella ordered so to make it easy for you, print out the photo below and just give that to the waitress and VOILA!!! Just make sure you wear loose pants when you decide to eat here.

Here's another tidbit from the food expert, Tita Bella told Cedric and I that on Sundays, they have a dimsum festival going on and it is ALL YOU CAN EAT ICE CREAM!!!! How cool is that?

My lunch with two great friends. Thank you Tita for caring so much about me. Until our next FOODSCAPADE!!!


anne said...

i envy...

Anonymous said...

sobrang you are very lucky to have loving friends and family.

Cheryl said...

yummy food!