Monday, September 14, 2009

Buffet for Grandparents Day!

This post is going to have lots of FOOD photos. DO not read if you are starving. WARNING.

My mom knocked on my door last yesterday, Sunday, and disturbed my kissing session with Chris Evans. I wanted to die.

This is MY FOOD! Yummy! (Bwa hahahaha!)

Anyway, she told me that there's going to be brunch at Timberland because it is Grandparents Day. Usually, I just like to sleep the whole day of Sunday. It was raining a bit and the room was cold but the blanket and my bed were warm and cozy. Yes, for those who are new in my blog, I still stay with my folks. I know right? It's about time I move out and be freeeeeeee!! On the other hand, living with the P's is quite convenient. Well, you know what I mean.

Moving on, we went to Timberland which is somewhere near Fairview for our Lolo/Lola Day buffet.

The food overall needs a bit of improvement but it was not so bad for P550.00 ++ The service was very good and we were attended to by courteous and quick waiters.

After stuffing ourselves with sushi, ribs, salad, chicharon bulaklak and liempo, we headed out to get some fresh air. The sun came out for a while and we wanted to get our share of Vitamin E. Thank goodness Timberland has very nice and clean facilities.

Membership for this clubhouse is only P160,000. Not bad!! GO!

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