Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fabulous Friends of Fabella Hospital.

Cecile, Ingrid and Pia wouldn't have been able to do what I did yesterday. I feel like WONDER WOMAN, (even if it is really Pia who has the powers, wink wink). I had 3 events from 6 - 12 pm. This was after our 4 hour field trip to Fabella. My camera is filled to the brim and my heart was on a roller coaster and now, I feel drained even if I am a super hero. Sigh......

As you may know, it was our Fabella Hospital Trip and boy oh boy, I have to tell you that it was such an amazing experience. In a good and bad way but as soon as I entered the premises, I could feel my heart sink. It's so much more ouchy than a heartbreak from a boyfriend.

But of course, the momsformoms group tried to bring cheer to the mothers and fathers who were patiently waiting for their bundle of joy to arrive and for the other mothers who were inside already caring for their little one.

The nurses were so happy to see a celebrity and were squeezing in the door to get a photo of our showbiz mom, Pia Magalona.

By the way, she wore really really cute handpainted Sperry shoes. Just wanted to show you. Hihi.

And since we are at it, let me show you Ingrid's really adorable Swatch!

Check out Cecile's Jul B. Dizon cuff. It's so bagay to her.

ANYWAY, the gang brought 5,000 diapers! A big bag was environmentally friendly diapers which I think ALL the babies in the world should use.

Also very proud of my sister-in-law, Lucille for sharing Liam's milk to the babies of Fabella Hospital. The nurses were so happy and it made me feel so happy that you are such a great person. Naiiyak tuloy ako.

To the doctors and nurses of Fabella Hospital, I understand that your salaries might not be enough to compensate the hard work and hours that you put in to helping mothers and babies survive the harsh world but know this....from now on, I, with the help of my SUPER FRIENDS, will do our very best to ease the burden of everyone involved in this hospital.

Siyempre I am Wonder Woman. It's my blog. (BWA HA HAHA, evil laugh)

Oh, and for the kind hearted people out there who want to WALK with us to help the Fabella Hospital, this one's for YOU!

We accept baby clothes (used or new, basta good condition), bottles, blackets, white towels, diapers, money, breast milk and everything else that you can afford to give. part of the Super Friends. We need you, the BABIES need you.

More on this to follow.

For the earth friendly diapers please click on link below.


Anonymous said...

Hi Candy!

Nakakaiyak nga. We have been also doing some "giving back" for years now. It's a great feeling, emotional roller coaster talaga. For sure, straight to heaven na kayo ng mga Super Friends mo. You will be blessed a hundred, no thousand times for doing this.

Take Care,


Anonymous said...

I've been a silent reader of your blog for quite some time now. I admire you and your super friends for reaching out to Fabella.

You're a good person with a big heart. I'm sure your broken heart will be mended soon.

God Bless you.