Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rubbing Shoulders at RAOUL


Event: Launch of RAOUL
Venue: Greenbelt 5
Date: September 9, 2009, 6 pm
Food: Peninsula Hotel Manila

crème de la crème (krm d lä krm)
1. Something superlative.
2. People of the highest social level.

I always knew what it was but now that I looked it up, I confirm that this is always the guest list when there's an SSI event. The Zobel's, Huang's, Tantoco's, Concepcion's, and many more. And then, there's me and my dates, Steffie and Cedric.

Steffie can't stop working. It was her account and even if she has all her dudes working hard, she is always on the run making sure the GM and his lovely wife are comfortable. She reminds me a lot of "Emily" in the Devil Wears Prada. Here she is with MK.

Cedric is event hungry. He is only here for a few more weeks and he loves seeing old friends who happen to be in the fashion industry. He has been my constant date since I met him. Thanks to chuvaness who introduced us to each other. I like Cedric. He is bastos like me.

Anyway, here are some of the RAOUL launch party peeps!

Peninsula GM, Jonathan Crook and his gorgeous wife, Belize. 
Town and Country's Rorie Carlos and Raymond Gutierrez. 
Robbie Carmona and Cedric Cid.

Mons Tantoco and Anton San Diego.

Ms. Kate Torralba
Single and sexy, Pinky Tobiano and her Chanel adorned daughter! Say mo!

The uber sexy Divine Lee. Rajo, my sister-in-law wants this dress. Give her a big discount because she donated breast milk to Fabella! (hihi)
Always present and elegant, Mai  Kaufman. 
The super stylish, Marissa Concepcion. 
Fabella needs an aircondition unit for their baby room. 
They were using a one stand fan lang and it was hot! Donate? 

Cedric Cid and goofy David Kaufman. 

The fashionable gals in the show.  I spy a HMG on CJ!

And before I post the runway show, check me out with my super teenage crush. When I was a young girl, my sister, cousins and I would pretend to be artistas. I was always Snooky Serna or Sharon Cuneta. Albert Martinez was always my boyfriend. Can I make it come true???

to be cont....

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