Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hindy of Culte Femme!

Never seen Members Only this packed before. Hot sexy models wearing Cult Femme were going up and down the stairs and we had to really try hard to check them out but in the end, it was useless. There were so many tall people in front of us and I guess I can only blame my mother for not making me eat my STAR Margarine when I was young.

Congratulations to HWT for such a well attended event and for the free booze!

The party peeps.

My sistah from anotha motha, Leah Puyat. 

Marc Nicdao. 

Mago Suaco Oben.

Your bloggerina and Felix Barrientos. 

Cedric Cid with a masked pole dancer. Roooaarr!!

Wendy Puyat.

Dunno who this is but if you do, tell him he's super cute!!!

Jigs Mayuga.
Rorie Carlos Cullen. 
Diether Ocampo and Rema Ostwani.
HWT's friends and supporters. 

Pinoy guy with a hot body.
"Lady Gaga" daw o! Sanja Smith as host. 
Hot white guy with hot body. 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The guy in blue- we call him hawaiian hottie. He is a triathlete from Hawaii. He came here to join the CAMSUR Ironman race recently.