Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Lucy, Poppycock and Friendship.

About two weeks back, I posted that I wanted some Poppycock. I was craving for it and was salivating so much that it might have started the flooding in Metro Manila.

When I got home, I was so happy to see a bag full of them!! Apparently LTG read it and decided to spoil me a little.

Loved her card!!!

For my birthday, she also sent me 3 WONDERFUL books that up till now, my sisters and I are reading.

This is Lucy and Me. I am the one one the left because I drink martinis more than wine. Of course, I am not that skinny and I hardly wear heels like that but one can dream. This illustration was done by Ruben Toledo. He drew all these kinds of fashionable girls in the book of Nina Garcia entitled The Style Strategy. This is one of the books she gave me.

This one is currently with Jenny. She borrowed it since I was still trying to memorize how to improve my style. Lucille wants to borrow it after Jenny so perhaps I won't get a hold on this book till after her. But that's ok because books are for sharing.

This one of course has a catchy title. Anything with the word "merde" on the cover is worth reading. Haha. At least that's what I think.

Lucy, thanks a bundle for my loot! You are the best!!! And since you are in a generous mood, can you lend me your husband? (BWA HA HAHA HA, evil laugh). Love ya!

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