Monday, October 26, 2009


The much talked about launch of three of the country's hottest jewelry artists at FIRMA happened last week at Greenbelt 3. It was entitled "TRIAD: An approach to FUTURISM". It featured the artists' latest collections inspired by their own interpretations of the future.


Paul Syjuco

Michelline Syjuco

Kristine Dee Villanueva

A few photos of the collection.

The place was filled to the brim and the show was a success. We were entertained by artists who acted out on the make shift stage. Now, I know that art can sometimes be a bit obscure but if I may be honest, I kind of thought the whole drama was a bit strange. Did it depict anything about futurism? If yes, I didn't see it. But then again, what do I know about performance art.

The guests!

Ms. Josephine del Gallegos.

Firma owners, Chito and Ricky!
Ms. Ruby Gan

Ms. Maripi Muscat.
Chef Cyrille Soenen and AG? (Chizzzmizz!)
Designer Paul Syjuco and SJ Mendoza!
Janina, Mitzi de Guzman and PS.
The lovely wife of PS, Daphne Syjuco. LOVIN' the necklace.
Ms. Tessa Prieto Valdes. 
Ms. Daphne Paez.
Dorothy Neri with her Jim Morgan in the back.
Ms. Fierce herself, Verushka Go.
My uber chic sister-in-law, Lucille Dizon.

Congratulations to Paul, Michelline and Kristine for a very successful event!

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