Monday, October 26, 2009

Keep 'Em Coming!!

Happy Birthyear to me!!! I said birthyear because my birthday doesn't seem to be ending!!

A few days ago, Manang Edith hands me a sunglass case and the moment I saw the print on the card, my heart started to pound double time.

If you know me, you must know about my love for Pucci. I have to admit though, that for someone that loves the brand so much, I don't have much of his things. That's because I am poor. I can only afford his stuffs when I shop in Florence, Italy because he has an outlet store there!

So imagine my joy when I got this from my dear friend Cris R.!!!

CRIS!!! Thank you and please know that because my eyes are now beautifully protected, you will forever be the apple of my eyes. MUAH MUAH MUAH!


Anonymous said...

off topic: kayo na ulit ni pastry chef?

candifier said...

HAHAH! Let's just say I am enjoying the attention but I have been honest enough to tell him that I am still figuring things out.