Friday, October 23, 2009

The Food of LUSTICO!

When it comes to fashion shows or big events being held in a 5 star hotel, I usually am very critical when it comes to the food. To be able to serve 500 people or more, making sure that the presentation is easy on the eyes and the taste is finger lickin' good is usually a difficult task for the hotel kitchen staff.

For the LUSTICO show, I went home happy.

Firstly because the show went so well! The clothes were magnificent and all the hard work of everyone paid off. I also want give a shout out of thanks to my brother CJ and Penny who made sure that the earrings for the show were done well and finished on time.

Secondly, I was among good friends and family. That always makes me happy.

And last, because the food was actually very good. The service even better. The happy liquor was overflowing and each table had one or two waiters waiting to be called on. My compliments to the Executive Chef of Makati Shangri-la, Chef Karl Krautler! I believe that there were also other chefs that worked on the menu. Whoever you are, BRAVO!

ENJOY! I know I did.

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