Tuesday, October 13, 2009

JLC Dinner!

When this gang gets together, we only talk about three things.


This is Minena's version of Lamb Shawarma. She even taught us how to layer them to have maximum pleasure with every bite. Naks. The good thing about home made food is you can put in as much lamb as you want, all the yogurt sauce your heart desires and have the freshest veggies available. SOBRANG SARAP!!!!


And even yummier than the food, Swedes!!!!

My JLC! Welcome home Mary Ann!

The host, the best shawarma maker in the world, Minena and her baby girl.


Anonymous said...

bitin!! what's that wrap thing? looks good..

JDHoschka said...

great.. now am craving shawarmas...

candifier said...

Fresh lumpia!

Shawarma...so gooooood!!!!!