Monday, October 26, 2009


If you know JBDJ, you know our Oracle. Her name is Ginny. Her designs are really conversational. If my designs are realistic, her designs are super modern and now even techie inspired!

Check out her latest collection.

Meet Sam. I like her a lot.

She loves to dance.

Her limbs move around while showing off her multi-colored gems!

I know she will get sold as fast as I can say Fabulous! Bye Sam!

This is GQ1. He is HOT HOT HOT!!!

His wheels rotate just like real wheels of a tank!

Since Ginny is all about gadgets, computers and things like that (yawn), she designed GQ1 as her USB holder! How posh is that?? GQ1 is not for sale but his brothers and sisters are soon to be born. Just you wait!

This little girl is Chelsea. Her head and dress are made of Chalcedony. Her arms and legs are multi colored gems (spinel, peridot, amethyst, etc.) Her arms moves about as well and she is about 4 inches tall! Chelsea is already living with someone special. Sorry to those who want her!

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