Friday, October 9, 2009

What The Duck!!

I think I overdid my duck feast. In 30 days, I had 3 peking ducks, 3 bowls of roasted duck over rice and 6 pieces of minced duck wrapped in cabbage. Of course the peking ducks I shared with friends but still....I need to duck off!

When I was in HK with friends, we decided to try the PD of Peninsula Hotel. We were all prepared for the best duck HK can offer since it was after all, it is the Peninsula. But I think that in the end, I had better duck in a less fancier place.

This is American Restaurant. They have really yummy PD.

More duck to wrap!!

Here's Peninsula's version and more food we ordered!

Here's my HK Peking Duck gang.

When I got back to Manila, you might find it hard to believe, but I was still craving for the lovely creature so I got my Shangri-la Girlfriends to share another one with me at Summer Palace.

My Shang Girls and of course they were wearing JBD!!

I am giving up duck for a while, just enough for the species to multiply.


Anonymous said...

hm pd in american restaurant - memories :)

Anonymous said...

candy!! grabe ka talaga!!!

i love duck too so i can be you new peking duck partner!!