Monday, October 26, 2009

PUEY at Fashion Week.

After TRIAD, we had to rush to SMX for another show.I know right? Your bloggerina has been very busy with events and is missing much needed sleep. But as you may all know, Puey is my sistahhh and of course I had to be there to show my love and support. JBDJ also sponsored the jewelry so it was part work.

I found it a bit odd that the show should start at 9:30 pm but then again...going to SMX is no joke so there was no reason to ba late. The doors were to be opened at 9:30 pm exactly and there was a que! A lot of people stayed to watch the show because Puey always try to WOW his audience with his collection.

While waiting for the doors to open, my party peeps gathered to chit chat and show their own fashion sense. Here they are.

In between TRIAD and PUEY's show, we had dinner with friends. Another CHIZZZMIZZ moment.

Your bloggerina with Stephanie Chong, Janina Hoschka and Windie Hayano.

And now the show.

More on this guy later.

The designer. BRAVO!!!!

P.S. Can I just tell you that there was one male model that I found very offensive. He came out and started giving his friends on the front row high 5's!!! All the other models did what they were told to do...walk, stop and walk. Nothing else. I say, if your line up consists of Ria Bolivar, Joanne Bitangcol, Joey Mead, etc...have some decency to act professional. You are after all walking the ramp for THE Puey Quinones. That's a shout out for you RH! Bad bad.

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