Friday, October 23, 2009

CHANEL at Rockwell.

Thanks to Ms. Nedy Tantoco and Stephanie Chong for the invites to this movie premier. Cocktails were held at the 2nd floor of Rockwell and everyone who came were so fashionably chic! I met the French Ambassador but failed to impress him with the little French that I know.

Overflowing of wine and delicious cocktail food from The Peninsula were passed and I was delighted to see the executives from Peninsula enjoy a night out to watch CHANEL.

I personally liked the movie only because I never really knew anything about her until the movie. I know.. I am such a loser. But a number of people told me that they were not very happy with it because so many parts of her life was missing. Important parts at that.

Anyway, I was happy to have my Tmovie dates with me. 

Ms. Naty Pappas and Christina. 

So much Chanel going on!!!

Sponsored by Rustan's and The Peninsula Hotel, Manila. 

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