Thursday, January 21, 2010

SHOES Maryosep!!!

If you are my friend in FB, you would know that a few weeks ago, I received a shoe rack that can hold 16 pairs of shoes. My goal is to have this certain person, who gave me the shoe rack in the first place, to fill up all spaces. He has so far given me three so I am still searching for shoes that I fall in love with to fill up the remaining 13.

I surely do not like any of these but it definitely caught my attention!!!

This first shoe is actually made for prostitutes. They have an alarm if they feel that they are in danger and it alerts the police their whereabouts.

If you think this Giraffe shoes is just a joke....'s a dog shoe!

I think I just puked my lunch out.

But I did get to see one that I love. It looks mighty uncomfortable but it's something that I would wear only when it is "time for bed." (wink wink, clap if you know what I mean)

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