Friday, January 8, 2010

Dollar Baby!

Is this for real? Is this really the new look of the US currency? If so, I like it. It's cute with all the bubble gum colors. It's easy to segregate. Does this mean they will phase out the old kind? I need answers people.


Anonymous said...

I googled it and apparently it's not true.

Interesting though if they changed the look of the almighty dollar.

Gilbert said...

Whoa! A new look for the US Dollar, the Almighty US $$$! Why don't we break it down if this is for real, alright? The front view of any dollar bill states that " This Note is legal tender for all debts, public and private". For the new design, why not say" This Note is for Bank bailouts, stimulus package for fat-cat bankers in Wall St., and only for CDS holders and Hedge Fund losers. Ok? In the back, delete this famous line,"In God We Trust". Just say "Trust Me". Get rid of the One eye on top of the pyramid. It's antiquated. Instead, replaced it with a web-cam, then disclosed who the sponsors are for certain series,i.e., FB, Google, Apple, or even Ms. Candy Says So...,di ba? Just like NASCAR. All sponsors are vividly attached/painted in their 800 plus horses of stock car racing. Hang on..., if this is for real, guess a Redneck might have something to do with this new $$$ bills. Just like NASCAR... their national past-time and passion.
Biro lang... :-)

candifier said...

Thank you so much nanayiisay!

Gilbert, your comment is too smart for my blog. Hahahah! Are you a treasure hunter like Nicolas Cage?

Gilbert said...

You mean...Yeah, Benjamin Gates, the cryptologist-turned-treasure hunter. Guess, that is a nice day job, huh? An extremely satisfying cut from the loot and you end up with that beautiful girl at the end. Just like in the movies. Hahahaha! Heads up lang, Ms. Candy... Watch out for the IRS. Got to keep your books open for them 24/7. Btw, check out Let me know what's your read.