Monday, January 4, 2010

Kamiseta Does It Again.

Having J and J who are in their teens, Kamiseta is always a must when we go to the mall.

Loving the new look!

Here's J in the Natalia Vodianova look posted above.

My favorite, the LUGGAGE!!! Who says Kamiseta is only for girls! These are such cool gifts for the men in your life!

And now, you can even shop online!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi! Are their luggages sturdy? I fear that when I get my luggage from the conveyor it will be smashed ar missing a wheel. But They are the cutest!

Anonymous said...

Aren't their luggage the cutest? But will they survive the smashing against other luggages? I fear that when I get them that they'll be missing a wheel or they be cracked open. :0

Candifier said...

I have been using mine for 3 years now. I have brought it everywhere! It is in perfect condition...well aside from the scratches.

I really really love them.