Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Can I Hate Her?

I love Hollywood. I thrive on celebrity gossip and photos and their fashion. I want to know who's breaking up, who's getting married and who's sleeping with whom. I can easily admit that I am too cheap to buy those gossip magazines but it is the first thing I pick up in salons and read it front to back, inside out and when I am done, I always want more.

I am sure we all have fantasized about going to LA and just accidentally bump into a hottie! Mine involves Chace Crawford who is having coffee when I enter. He sees my beautiful Asian eyes, tanned skin and long black hair and then suddenly, he asks for our name and falls in love with me. I then stay with him for about a week until I get tired of him and replace him with George Clooney who dumps Elizabetta Canalis for me.

It goes on and on and on....but I guess that's what fantasies are all about.

But for a good friend of mine, it is all real. In her FB status, she says,

"Dreams do come true... more so in Hollywood!!! I love LA!!!"

And even though I am committing one of the seven deadly sins, which is ENVY. I just cannot stop myself from also be happy and proud of MELO ESGUERRA, more popularly known as Queenmelo! She is a Queen indeed. She walked the red carpet of the GOLDEN GLOBE night in LA like royalty. She was wearing a Puey Quinones couture and was even complimented by Tom Ford himself! I wish I had dressed her up with Jul B. Dizon Jewellery but I didn't know. DARN.

Anyway, enough talking...check out why I am going to hell for being so envious.

*I am not putting the names of who these people are. If you don't know them, shame on you!


JDHoschka said...


Anonymous said...

OMG!! George Clooney!! Why does it have to be the one that is blurry?!?!?! waaahhhhhh!!!!

Lucky! Lucky! Lucky!!!

So inggit!!!


nikkiz. said...

Chace Crawford!!!!

khaz of beautiful things said...

OMG she met Pape Chace! inggiiiit!!!

Miss Ailema said...

I'm dying of envy. Chace is so HOT!!!