Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Goose Station

How in the world did they come up with the name The Goose Station? It's actually quite simple. Naks!! I sound like an expert...but actually the truth is only when I met Bella Y. did I even know about the word DEGUSTATION. (de-goose-ta-shun). She introduced me to the term, the concept and to her daughter Sunshine and her husband Rob.

Since then, I have always been fascinated with it which is why when The Goose Station opened, I had to try it out. It was the perfect opportunity last night when Christian, Irene and I celebrated a pre-birthday dinner of AG.

For your info:

Degustation is a culinary term meaning "a careful, appreciative tasting of various foods" and focusing on the gustatory system, the senses, high culinary art and good company.

The French term dégustation is still commonly used in English-language contexts, even though a standard Anglicized spelling and pronunciation exist.

Modern dégustation probably comes from the French kitchens of the early 20th century and is different from earlier meals with many courses because these meals were served as full-sized meals at each course. Dégustation is more likely to involve sampling small portions of all of a chef's signature dishes in one sitting. Usually consisting of eight or more courses, it may be accompanied by a matching wine degustation which complements each dish.

Here comes the good part!

We were so uberly duperly happy with the ambiance, friendly and efficient service and of course the FOOD! To have this kind of experience does not come cheap so be prepared but even so, we all went home happy, content and planning our next trip back for more.

The Goose Station
556 9068
+63917 85 GOOSE
Monday - Saturday, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
G/F W Tower
39th St. Fort Bonifacio Global City,
Taguig City, Philippines

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