Monday, January 11, 2010

The Children Matter.

I had lunch as ESCOLTA last Sunday.

What attracted me more than the food, sorry to say, was the Children's Lounge in Mi Piace.

Based on first hand experience, when I plan to do a Sunday Brunch at any hotel, I would usually think of the kids and how expensive it is if they eat in a hotel. Especially when they only want to eat the same kind of food anyway. So most of the time, I just leave them at home. I am that cheap.

But LO and BEHOLD!!! A great lounge just for the kids is set up at the Mi Piace every Sunday and it is done in such a way that you can just leave your babies while you stuff yourself and they will be safe and have oodles of fun!

Kids are charged P500++ inclusive of a YUMMY kiddie buffet, Wii, kids' movie station, wooden kitchen set up, educational books galore, Play-doh corner, arts and crafts activities, Melissa and Doug's wooden puzzles and Little Tykes playground.

Little Tykes keeps the toddlers busy!
Little boy looking for a snack in the fridge.
Here's Ms. Chong showing the kids how to enjoy themselves.

The Book Corner.

Kitchen with all the wooden utensils that the girls LOVE!

Executive Pastry Chef baking a cake!
SC putting the cake inside the oven.

This coming Sunday, I am bringing the whole clan!

The Peninsula Manila


mommy c said...

is this children thingy a regular thing?

candifier said...

Every Sunday from 11 to 3 pm!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info! Now I know where to leave my kids while I have peace and quiet!

mommy c said...

thank you, candy! great help!