Monday, January 4, 2010

Batangas Getaway!

Here's 10 reasons why our Christmas at the beach is memorable.

1. Fresh LOBSTERS every day!! Fishermen would come to the house and offer live lobsters! We had them for lunch and dinner nightly!

2. Tobias wore his boxers to the cliff jumping session and guess what happens to it!

3. We didn't have to bring home any of the bottles or cartons. (hiccup!)

4. We had a beautiful sunset every single day.

5. The moon, small as it was, was shining every so brightly!

6. Seeing my dad smile.

7. Although no one documented it, I survived this jump!

8. My Pucci sunglasses and my mermaid like hair!

9. Not having to share the beach to strangers!

10. My war with ANTS made my left arm itchy and swollen for 2 days!

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Anonymous said...

Your hair is so nice and glamorous!! Never get it cut!