Monday, January 18, 2010

40 Days!

We wanted to do it the Jul Dizon way. We were going to decorate the ballroom ourselves with the flowers and plants just what mom used to do.

It starts out by a late night visit to the Flower Market. Ginny and I just wanted to buy every single thing there. It was too beautiful.

At 7 am on Sunday morning, I came to the ballroom which is somewhat already set up for the event. I could already imagine what it would look like with all the arrangements.

The flowers arrived with Mom's crew who were trained by her to make sure everything is perfect. With Ginny, Jenny and my pag-mamando, we were able to accomplish something that we were sure mom would be proud of.

The outcome. We were hired to do a wedding on December. Imagine that. Still thinking if Ginny and I should take it. There's no one like my mom who can make a place look so beautiful without effort. Only she can do that but let's see..

Thanks to Steffie for coming to work on a Sunday to make sure everything is as it should be. PERFECT! And it was.


Anonymous said...

Hi Candy!

I can feel your love for your Mom, so I'm doing my best to show mine how I much I love her too.

Anyways, we almost have the same family, except yours are rich, sikat & all. My Mom has this uncanny ability to "mando" people. Natawa ako sa term mo na "pagmamando", because that is soooo appropriate. I don't know how she does it, but she has a way with people! She comes off as strict but her employees love her! Masochist much?? hahaha. Wish I could learn how she does that.

About the decor naman, My Uncle naman is great with that. We were at the flower market last week too, and I kept wondering why the arrangers are all men??? I tried duplicating what they did but I can't. Why is that?? What is it with men & flowers?? They can make pretty arrangements but they can't give it to the ladies. (well some of them!) LOL

Have a great morning! Your mom is in a great place and I'm sure she's so proud of what you did.



candifier said...

Thank you RG! Appreciate your kind words. We do miss her so much. Just keep on showing your love for your mom. You are very lucky.