Thursday, January 7, 2010

Luxe Overdose!

Had dinner last night at NP's house. She had me picked up an hour earlier than the scheduled dinner time because we had a lot to catch up on. We love talking about our CHIZMIZZ in our lives.

We were in her bedroom and as she talked about her travels, I couldn't stop my eyes from roaming around. I kept seeing blogable things and at one point, I just told her that I couldn't stand it anymore and that I was going to take photos of her new babies and show you guys what life is like for a wonderful, kind, beautiful, spoiled, happy and super wealthy woman.

Her home is truly breathtaking.

I am convincing her to adopt me.

Let's start with 25% of her bags. I couldn't possibly take out all her bags from her closet. It was too many and the guests were arriving soon.

If you think that's it...think again!

After the delicious dinner that YAYA prepared.....

.....NP and I had a mini fashion show showcasing her even more delicious goodies! The others soon joined in. It was just too irresistible!

Green Emeralds!

Diamond Briolettes!

18.50 carat Fancy Yellow Heart shape Diamond!

Goofing around with millions!

Napkin Holders....The Cartier panther bracelet is so new it is still wrapped in plastic!

What a night to remember!


Anonymous said...

Some of the jewelery shots are really great - very creative!

JM said...

What a great post! Really love your blog Candifier!

marc jefferson said...

the cuff with the buterflies -- is that van cleef? amazing collection tita naty! haha

Mrs. Jackie T. (thebaghag wannabe) said...

OMG Tita NP! I die!!! Great job, Candy!!!

candifier said...

Yes Marc, Van Cleef. :)

Thanks guys!!!