Wednesday, January 20, 2010


When I was in 6th grade in John Muir, California, it was announced that there will be a Spelling Bee event.

There were only 2 classes of 6th graders and it was basically down to elimination process as to who would represent the class.
Having studied in the Philippines from prep to 5th grade in St. Theresa's College, I was pretty good at spelling. There were 2 of us left, both Flippers. She was my very good friend. It took us a hundred words when she finally spelled "DIFFERENTIATE" wrong. And so, I got to represent the entire class in front of 300 students.

I was a nervous wreck. I don't know why I felt I had to but I wore a nice, lacy and girly Sunday dress (which I still have in my closet until now). I mean, it wasn't a big deal. Just students, no parents and no press or whatever they usually have.

I am not sure if any of my family knows about this but I think I might have kept it all to myself all these years because of shame.

When I was thrown my very first word.....I forgot one letter and was automatically eliminated. Of course, I told my friends that I spelled it wrong on purpose because I didn't want my Flipper friend to feel so bad that she lost to me.

Ok, here's the word I spelled wrong. Don't laugh. You are only allowed to bow your head, shake it and read on.

J O G G E R.

I forgot the E.

I can't forget it until now. Do I need a therapist? HELP ME!

But if you are asking why I would divulge such a shameful thing about myself, it is because these series of photos made me recall that ugly Tuesday afternoon 25 years ago in the U.S. of A.


Joy Page Manuel said...

Cands, those pics seem to have been taken at Republican rallies/gatherings so the spelling angle of it all doesn't really surprise me. Bwahahahhahahaha!! Sorry but I'm a proud Democrat :-))

Anonymous said...

You even remember that it was a Tuesday, after all these years? Wow! Yeah, maybe you do need a therapist to free you of this trauma :)

JDHoschka said...

what the? when did this happen? I'm the Spelling Bee Winner around here!

Anonymous said...

please tell us more about these photos. where, when and why? source?