Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Fire Sale, Not So Hot.

I got there around 10:20 am. The line was outside the door but it was moving. When we got in, the smell was still too much. Tinapa is the right word for it. We went directly to the high brand items on the 2nd floor.

Lacoste was a chaotic market!

MC got his Gucci bags with a smile on his face.

Some women had 6-12 bags that they are lugging around the tight space. Were they really going to buy all? Or just didn't want to put it down just in case someone else likes it?

I was able to find some Culte Femme dresses, all at a great price but of course, have to dry clean everything to get the smell out. But the line of the cashier was 2 miles long.

But anyway, I am sure a lot of people came home happy with their purchases and some just didn't think it was worth all the trouble.

Shopaholics Unite.


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hahaha :-)

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Candifier said...

Ummm, marco? You seem to be laughing a lot about this post. Is it really that funny?? :)