Monday, May 17, 2010

Defending the Caveman!

For Facebook users, you can watch a gist of what the play is about here.

Directed by Michael Williams

Starring Joel Trinidad

I was so excited to watch this play. It's been years since I last watched one and to think that I was actually interested in being a thespian at one point in my life.

I have always admired actors in theatre because of the great skill and talent they possess for memorizing, the courage, the risk they take if they make a mistake and for doing the same thing for at least 15 times if it is a run. Actually, I am not even sure of 15 times is all because sometimes a run can go as long as a couple of months.

So thank goodness for Facebook, I was able to learn about Defending the Caveman. I made sure I got great seats because I do have VIP's in my guest list.

The monologue started great. Joel Trinidad's vocal power, the ability to connect with the audience and comic timing sent us all in uncontrollable laughter. I was literally wiping off the eyeliner from my eye bags because the tears were making me into half human-half raccoon!

I love the fact that the author, Rob Becker, really got the difference between men and women or rather, CAVEMEN and WOMEN. The emotional comparison was to the dot and it just made the audience either nod in agreement or bow in shame.

What I found really funny was when he told us about how when a couple goes to a party, the women gather in a group while the men flock in their own circle. At the end of the party, on the way home, the woman is able to gather all the juicy details about marital, sex and whatever problems one is having. And when the woman asks her husband to share what they, the CAVEMEN, talked about, all he can do is raise his shoulder because he gathered nothing.

This is very true in Macky and my case because after he said this we cowered together in shame.

After a good 45 minutes of laughter, it sort of died down and I could only snicker or hear people snicker once in a while. I guess Rob Becker ran out things to write down which proves only that he doesn't know WOMEN all that much. There are hundreds of things that we came up with which he could have touched on.

Also, I believe that the audience was truly meant for American's because Macky and I, who are with Europeans could not really relate because our men are super clean and orderly that it makes us women seem like slobs.

Still, I feel sorry for those who missed it because the run ended last Sunday. If in case they extend, I highly recommend this play to all the couples out there. You will leave the theatre with a few realizations which you may apply in your relationship. It will show you how different men are from women and how to either accept their cavemen like attitude or simply bash them in the head with a club. After all, WOMEN POWER FOREVER!!!

P.S. 30 seconds before the play ended, my stomach made a really loud growl. It sounded like a lion inside me that it made even the people in front of us look back to see what it was. Sigh. Who's the Caveman now?

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