Monday, May 24, 2010

People's Palace, DISCO Night!

I had an assumption as to what this party was going to be like and I was right. It was one of the best party thrown by anyone in a LONG time. AG and I were the first ones there. Literally. The staff wasn't done fixing up. But that's usually how I like it especially when I plan to blog. This way, I can take photos of the set up before anyone messes it up.

The entrance to the party place.

Is it obvious who did the the flower arrangements? Margarita Fores was also present to boogie on down.

The party starts with DANCING DIVAS.


TIME TRAVELLED back to the DISCO ERA with the Party Peeps!!! Almost all the whitey's came in full costume. The Flippers came as FLIPPERS who socialize. We are not that courageous but I think we should be.





MY HERO AWARD goes to Ruby Gan for being a Flipper in costume.
Show's that she's got GROOVE baby....

PARTY HOST AWARD for the YEAR 2010 goes to Chico Angeles.

AND PARTY HOSTESS AWARD is non other than
Madame Colin Mackay.

You should do this YEARLY!!! It would make the world a much HIP and HAPPY place to be.

Girlfriend of the night. Macky and your bloggerina.

CHEERS to People's Palace for your 10th Anniversary. Many many more to come.


Anonymous said...

As usual, great covering of the event! Star should hire you! Seriously. Or Inquirer even. Great photos!

Anonymous said...
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