Monday, May 17, 2010

Going Back to Tokyo.

I wasn't really done with my Tokyo Diaries. Too many events happened in between that I had to put it aside but now I am ready. Especially since I saw Jason!

We met up with friends one evening and we decided to check out the bar scenery. I thought to myself...great, with half a glass, I would be ready to be dragged home. But no, I stood on solid ground. I was happy for a while but because I said no to shots, I remained calm and proper. (Ok, maybe not that calm...and maybe not that proper)

Anyway, moving on....we took an expensive cab ride to Roppongi Hills and met up with the gang in a bar called Heartland

It wasn't full but it had a pretty cool DJ and with a bit of happy liquid in me...I was bouncing up and down to the rhythm! The drinks just came to our table as if we looked like we just got out from the Sahara Dessert. I don't know how these friends of mine can drink so much yet keep their cool!!

I was trigger happy as you now will see....BUT before I do that, let me tell you that I only had 1 shot and half a glass of beer.

This is me saying, "Hotel talk is so boring..."

My Party Peeps.

And then it poured...

And we all started losing it.

And losing it more.

This is Jason saying, let's drink a LITTLE bit more?? Like this much?? And me saying ENOUGH!!! NO MORE!

And then we started going downhill....

I would do it ALL OVER AGAIN!!! Especially the cab ride home. (BWA HA HAHAHA!! Only my Tokyo Party Peeps know why)


Anne G. said...

Oh my gosh.... You guys looked like you had so much fun!!! I want to party with you too!!!

Lele said...

did someone barf on the cab?? LOLOLOL

Candifier said...

Yes, on someone's jacket. I will never say who though. But it was a riot all the way back to our hotel.