Thursday, July 18, 2013

Birthday Lunch at The Tivoli.

July. When this month comes, it is either I am really excited or dreading it. So many things happen when it is July. 

In the Dizon Family, there are 6 birthday celebrants. That means 6 parties. 
It is also the Anniversary of Jul B. Dizon Jewellery which means, we need to prepare BIG time for our show. It is also when I need to celebrate my birthday with my friends and family. 

It gets tricky when I do celebrate it because I need to segregate my friends into their proper groups to be able to enjoy maximum pleasure (wow, that sounds a bit kinky). 

I look for nice places to hold the parties in. I want everyone of my guests to have fun and to experience only good things. 

Since I became a blogger, I was able to document almost all my birthday celebrations. Here's a quick look back of what I had thrown in the past. 

July 2012, I tried to copy Oprah's Favorite Things and gave my friends all sorts of gifts!!!

July 2011: I had a joint celebration with Lawrence Tan in the beautiful home of Ferdie Ong. Meron pa akong jowa nun. I was turning 39!!! 

For July 2010, I had 20 friends over for movie and massage at BlueWater Day Spa. 

This year, the first of many celebrations was held at The Tivoli, Mandarin Oriental with beautiful women that are dear to me. 

My dearest friend, Robert Blancaflor sent over a simple yet beautiful flower centerpiece and stands for the jewelry pieces I displayed. I chose 9 pieces that represent each of my guests. 

Mandarin also did an amazing job with the room styling. Loved the fresh flowers scattered around the Roxas Room. 

We first helped ourselves to the Appetizer Buffet spread. (Notice the cute white guy over the horizon?)

My first guest was Liz Almoro and of course, Charisse Chuidian, was present even if she is on her leave. How sweet is that? 

The gorgeous Pops Fernandez and Lucy Gomez. 

Liz, Joanna Cabangon, Cris Albert, Sonja Vodusek and yours truly. 

Pops, Cris Roque, Joanna and Lucy. 

Alta sociedad ang peg. 

After our main course, we were asked to get up and watch the Dessert Surprise. The table cloth was taken out and underneath was a special table cloth. We had no idea what was going to happen but it really did excite us. 

Then came 5 chefs who started making art on the table with sweet ingredients. 

One held a different ingredient and color and texture. 

And around and round they went piling the table up with sugary love. 

More and more.....

Until this was created. It consisted of meringue, raspberry sauce, white and dark chocolate sauce, chocolate slabs, mango sauce and biscotti. In those cracked open chocolate bowls, was another surprise. They put on the table around 12 scoops of vanilla ice cream too!

And then, they poured "magic" into the bowls.

Then the chefs lifted the bowls up in the air and....

...dropped it and it fell and cracked it open....the goodness spilling out on the canvas of sweet treats. 

Notice the spoons? They are made out of chocolate!! 

Watch the craziness here. But before you do that, please excuse my forever ranting about eating all that goodness off a man. Boy, when I was listening to the video, all I kept saying was, where's the guy?? Tigang talaga. Hahaha. But I also realized that Pops is so very funny. I couldn't stop laughing! 

"I thought we were going to lick it off a guy!!" 

Cheers to my wonderful friends and the gift of Mandarin Oriental to lil' old me. 

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