Monday, July 1, 2013

Robert Blancaflor Does it Again.

Although I know so well what his creative mind can do, Robert Blancaflor has once again amazed me at the magical transformation that he pulled out of his hat for the birthday dinner of Ms. Cris Albert and Ruffa Gutierrez at Old Manila, The Peninsula Hotel.

I have seen his work many times before. In fact, I have asked him to do a few of our events and I was always very happy with the outcome. So happy that I decided to show you a before and after look of what he can do. This is just a private dinner for 40. Small venue, but strict requirements by Ms. Cris Albert. 

"I want it dark and romantic."

If you have been to Old Manila, you can say that with the original decor, it is already quite romantic. 
I was only too excited to see what RB will do with it to make it even more so.

Photo by Peninsula Manila

He started taking out all the tables and chairs. 

This is what I saw before I went up back to my office.

I peeked inside The Conservatory where the flowers are being arranged. 

And this is how it was when I got back for the party. 

Truly proud to know you and have you as a good friend, Robert. Amazing work, as usual.

Visit his website here. 

The cake is by Ms. Penk Ching.

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