Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Costa Del Sol, Balesin.

"Ang bahay ni Madame."

This is what Dennis, Ivar and I referred it to. 

Spanish themed restaurant with apartments on each side of it, is the layout of Costa Del Sol in Balesin Island Club. 

Fronting the beach, Costs Del Sol has two swimming pools. 

One is freshwater and the other, saltwater. 

As with all the restaurants, the lanai provides an awesome view of the beach and the pools. 

Below the restaurants are private dining rooms. One is a very spacious karaoke room. 
Perfect for a party of 20. 

We decided to dine privately in Marbella Club. 


With the GM, Mr. Rene Verhulst. 

We went to check out the bedrooms.

This villa is big enough for 8 people. It is 2 floors with a lanai that has another king sized bed. 

 After dinner, we were able to see another side of its beauty. 

Perfecto in Costa Del Sol!

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