Monday, July 29, 2013

Bali Village, Balesin Island Club.

Photo by Alphaland

After visiting the Ifugao Village, our next stop was Bali. 

Dennis and I just came from Bali last year and when we saw the village, we noticed how much effort was put to make the place look exactly like what a restaurant in Bali would look like. 
The furniture, decor, color and feel took us right back to Nusa Dua.


Outside the restaurant are lounge chairs for those who want to soak in the sun and contemplate over the magnificent view. 

If you sit here......

.....this is what you will see. 

Going down the bridge, you will get to Nusa Dua, a bar on stilts. This is where you want to be when the sun sets. Here, you have the cool waters of Lamon Bay. 

To the left of the bar, a villa is situated on top of the water. For this village, there are only 2 villas for rent. We were told that one must book WAY in advance to stay here because it is the most wanted bedrooms in the island. They are set in paddies reminiscent of Ubud, Indonesia. 

It's perfect for honeymooners. No one would hear the cries of love. Hehe. 

To the right side is the other villa. Picture perfect with Dennis! 

Going back up to the restaurant, this is what you would see. 

Unfortunately, we didn't get to catch the sunset because it was raining in the afternoons. We also didn't get to dine here but there's always a next time. 

Bali Village, Balesin, conquered by the Weekend Warriors!!!

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ariane said...

I would definitely love to be there with my family! Do you know if there are available memberships for rent, like what they do in Pico de Loro or other membership resorts?
I highly appreciate your response :)