Monday, July 29, 2013

The Balesin Spa.

If you follow me on Instagram and Twitter, you must already know what I did over the weekend. I must have posted 3 billion photos, which many of you liked. Well to me, like is an understatement. I wish that IG would have an option for Love because that's exactly what Dennis, Ivar and I felt about the place. 

I only found out about the existence of this island from the IG accounts of Rajo, Divine and Robby. My first reaction was, "Whuuuu??? Where the heck is this beautiful island?" Yes, I said just like that. 

Anyway, we got to the hangar. Waited for the 32-seater plane and boarded. I was listening to Rihanna's California King Bed (I am so into that right now) and played it 4x, over and over. When I was about to press repeat, we were already landing!! OMG, I checked my stopwatch on my phone and although I knew that it was a VERY short ride, I didn't realize how fast 20 minutes flew by! 

We got to the very sunny island of Balesin. First thing we did was to go on a tour with Ankie. She's awesome! I suggest, if you do want to take a tour or do water sports, you make sure you get her to guide you. 

First stop was the BALESIN SPA. If their master plan is to make a good first impression on their guests, well, they planned this perfectly because we were in awe at how serene and peaceful the spa is. Perhaps some of you would say a bit too peaceful because it may resemble a memorial park but us Weekend Warriors (Dennis, Ivar and I) loved it nonetheless. 

The all white look is just so nice and clean and devoid of any distractions. The only colors you will see are the blue skies and green foliage. 

Each of those squarish structures is a massage room. Right in the middle is a 30 meter-long black pool. Dark bottom pools reflect much less light and because of this, it warms the water naturally from the sun. 

Inside the massage rooms are very clean massage beds. This room is obviously the honeymoon/couple room. 

The bathrooms are clean and spacious. 

And beyond the bathroom is an outdoor shower and a sauna room. 

You do agree that this is one breathtaking place right? 

The Weekend Warriors! 

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