Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Big Heart of Small.

Small is probably one of the funnest and nicest person I know. Since we became friends, my life has become fuller and happier. Being with her, you will easily catch her jolliness and smile at the way she tells a story. Her raspy voice is always filled with enthusiasm that you cannot help but be in awe even if her story is as simple as what she ate for lunch. 

Last month, I was fortunate to have celebrated the birthday of Small Laude with so many others that love her. 
The beautiful Laude family.

She closed down El Cirkulo to accommodate all her guests. She hired a band and the singers in the party rocked the house as others danced along.  

Darn, these daughters of Marjorie Barretto are truly beautiful!!! Melba Solidum, Julia Barretto, Ate Alice, Nicole Ortega and Claudia Barretto.

The Three Sisters: Ate Alice, Small and Melba. 

Gretchen Barretto poses with all the next generation celebrities. 

Richard, Pops and Camille. 

Mimi Que, Ate Alice, Small, Melba and Nicole. 

I had already left when Lucy and Richard arrived but I heard Richard did a few songs on stage. Would have loved to see that. 

Tequilla gets the party pumpin' which is why it ended at 4 am. 

Gotta love the energy of the bagets!!

Tessa arrives finally! Still pretty even without her famous eyelashes. 

Here's Ate Alice, the birthday girl, Small, Janina and yours truly. 

Thank you for making this SMALL world a WONDERLAND. You guys are the best!!!

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may butas ang damit ni Jenny! hehe