Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Dressing Up The Ballroom.

Ingress is always such hard work. That's why we decided to hire Robert Blancaflor Group once again for the 35th Anniversary of Jul B. Dizon and Janina for Jul Dizon's 6th Anniversary. 

I went to peek at the ballroom right after work and saw that the draping has already been done. 

They were also fixing and wiring up all the lighting. 

Robert decided to push the envelope and create a hanging buffet table. 

Once it was up and stable, Manong gets on top of it and starts painting. Just shows how sturdy the table is despite having no legs. 

The themed walls were in place by dinner time.

And just before midnight, my booth was already done. That means, Robert and I can go up to our rooms and rest. 

When I came down the next morning, except for minor details, Rigodon Ballroom was transformed into something called fabulous. 

The suspended buffet table was breathtaking...

....especially with all the flowers on it!!! 

I was able to grab a few sandwiches at the end of the evening and what I had, I liked!!! Hope the guests were happy with the spread that The Peninsula Manila provided!

This is Elizabeth Taylor's pool lounge. 
The coat and the bag really shouldn't be there though. Haha. 

The pocket garden of Grace Kelly.

The Windsor Castle of Wallis Simpson.

Tina Chow's disco corner!

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