Monday, July 29, 2013

My oh My Mykonos....

I just uploaded 40+ photos that I want to share with you of Mykonos Village in Balesin Island Club. It's probably the most photogenic, that's why. 

We got there after Bali and the weather was working so well with us. The sky is as blue as the color scheme of the village.

Rajo told me to eat here and because we arrived in Mykonos at exactly 12:30pm, we decided to try out their dishes. But before entering the restaurant, we had a look around and was amazed at how beautiful everything is. The view, the build, details of every corner seemed to have been studied to replicate the real thing. 

Inside one of the villas was a bedroom that was very inviting. 

Look Chuvaness, the bathrooms are so clean!!

This corner is for Ginny and Anne.

Upstairs, on the deck of every villa, you have your own private party place!

And yes, it has an outdoor, heated tub (this one works).

We were famished. We were given the private room upstairs.
I swear to you, everything we ordered was delicious!!!

Greek Salad, what else?

By the Cove is what they call the party place of Balesin. An outdoor bar with 3 heated jacuzzis. The whole thing is built on top of the sea. 

On our first night, we went back to Mykonos to experience the party place that they were talking about only to find ourselves completely alone. 

We owned the whole place and that's exactly how we wanted it.

Ivar and I took a dip in the tub. We also had our cocktail for the night.

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