Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My Birthday Wish List!!!

Since I started blogging, I have become extremely thick faced by posting my birthday wish list on here. I wanted NOT to do it this year but honestly, so many of my friends are asking me to post one. 

I keep telling my friends not to bother with getting me a gift because my room is looking a lot like a jungle. I have too many things that I have taken over my Mom's former office. In fact, I can already hold a major garage sale! 

But my friends love me!!! I keep getting something in my office and home everyday and to be frank, receiving gifts make me happy, so I have decided to not stop you guys from making me smile!! 

I used to always have UTI but since I started drinking Cranberry supplements, it just stopped. Never had it since, so I know that this is something that will keep me healthy. 

I am crushing on these Prada wallets. Just throwing it out there. A girl can dream, right? 

I have a serious need for another charger. I have an iPad 2, iPhone 3 and an iPhone 4. They all have the same charger and for some reason, I only have 1 left with me. 

Hermes beach towel. I am already thick faced, I might as well go ALL THE WAY!!!

Always have the need for contact lenses solution. I am still too much of a coward to have my eyes lasered. BUT if you are part of my family, you are not allowed to give me this.

Koh Gen Do Cleansing Spa Water. It's the mildest way for me to take off my make up. 

These work on taking off my make up too and I love the smell on my face. Family members, please do not even think about this one.

I know some of you gave me bathmats last year but I left them all with my ex. Sigh, anyway, I don't want those, I want new ones. 

For my month long European trip, I need all the scarves I can get. 

I discovered this toothpaste from Lucille and Ginny and I really like it!!! I am not sure if it is available here in the country but I did see it in a 7-11 store in HK. 

The Game of Thrones 4-Book Set because deep inside I know I am Khaleesi. 

MAC Sheen Supreme!!! I only want one BUT if you insist in getting me all, that's ok too. 

And so far, that's really all I want. Now, don't worry about gift wrapping them. I am fine with used paperbags. BWA HA HA!!! 

I hope my anonymous hater doesn't read my blog anymore because he/she might get this post all wrong again. 

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roxy831 said...

I swear your blog really cracks me up! What a way to de-stress with hubby & baby sleeping soundly beside me now.