Monday, July 29, 2013

Balesin Adventure.

Photo by Rajo Laurel

Ankie showed us around and we came upon a park called Banyan Tree Park. She told us that a few months ago a very strong lightning struck a Banyan Tree. It fell over but they made good use of the trunk by making it into the altar table of their chapel. Some of the drift wood that they come upon are also converted to useful furniture and decoration. 

Almost all the wood works seen in Balesin are made/carved by a small Ifugao tribe that reside on the island. They were given a small portion and they themselves built their houses the way they would normally would in the mountains. 

This is one of them. 

The stairs and doorway are all carved intricately by the elders. 

They have a small shop where their creations are for sale. All proceeds go to them directly. 

In the STABLES, we saw about 10 horses, most of them imported.  You can use them to go around the island. We saw a couple running around the beach. We were told that they love to swim too! 

The Sports and Recreation Center is truly something else. They have the newest edition of gym equipments. An indoor and outdoor basketball courts, 3 tennis courts, 6 badminton courts, an archery range, paintball course, airsoft shooting range, indoor rock climbing wall, mountain biking, zipline (600 meters) and a golf driving range. 

Here's Ivar trying out the airsoft shooting range. 

Balesin also has something called Fish Fun because the guests can go fishing for their own meal!! What they catch, they can have cooked!

At night, it was very romantic. 

Dennis enjoying his moment. 

The Weekend Warriors before retiring for the night, after all, it was nearly 10 pm and yes, we were in full blast Lola mode. 

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