Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Good Side of ChilLine T house.

As I mentioned in my previous post, the weekend we had in Tagaytay is mainly because of Windie's birthday. 

The entrance to the house is so beautiful. All that green filled the white cemented house with life. 

The poolside and the garden was our favorite place to hang out at.

The whole gang who was traumatized by the condition of ChilLine T house in Tagaytay, yet amazed at how beautiful the place could have been. 

The weather was perfect. The grounds were beautiful. Congratulations to all the gardeners! It was so nice that we were able to hang around the garden and devour all the junk food we could stuff in our mouths. 

Our view was outstanding. This is what we were looking at from where we were picnicking.  Yes, it is probably the most photogenic house in Tagaytay. We were sort of hoping that Tony Stark would walk out and show us his iron muscles. 

Mary Ann was clothed in this photo but check out that view from the living room. You kinda don't know what to look at huh?

See? Even in such circumstances, when one is determined to have fun, you can.
Good company makes up for all the inconveniences and kadiri moments. 

If you are new to my blog, please make sure you read the bad side of ChilLine T house in the post prior to this one. 


A little story. 

Fifi is unemployed right now. He cooked for us. He also did most of the hard work like getting the chips while we were up in the garden hill. We asked him to go back plenty of times and he's so nice that he didn't mind at all. That's Fifi, he's a good runner/friend.

Teddy is our driver/cook/florist. He earns a pretty decent living, being with the Dizon household for 15 years. Like Arnel, our other driver, I can't see my life without him around. He has become part of the family. He is the reason I get home safely every night. 

If you have any donations (old clothes, shoes and maybe even food), it would be truly appreciated. 

By the way, it's not Teddy who needs them. It's Fifi.

Please send to Fifi Walang-Fera, 0 Datung Street, Barangay Pobre, Kahirapan City. 

Love you Fifi!! 


paul s said...

The grass looks so green.

Anonymous said...

Poor Fifi! hahaha

Anonymous said...

Looks like the same house from Bea and JL's most recent tv drama

Anonymous said...

Ugh wow you can blog about all these parties and events and you can't give your loyal employees decent clothes?

I mean are you serious? Asking on the internet? Wtf kind of person are you.

I feel bad that they have worked for you for 15 years.

I honestly hope they get better employers and you slip and break your fat hip going down your high horse.

Anonymous said...

totally agree with anon 8:55 AM

nuff said.

Anonymous said...

dont get sooo freaking serious! candy was only goofin around asking donations for fifi and the driver. my GOD! a little ense of humor maybe? Pfffttt!

Candy B. Dizon said...

LOL, oh boy. Some people really have to learn the art of humor and simple comprehension.

Anonymous said...

haha if they are bad employers do you think they will stay with them for 15 years?... gosh people!!! lol

Anonymous said...

sign, i'm glad i didn't post anything. i almost believed he's a poor driver but I thought, why was the address funny(?). but i wouldn't wear anything like that even if i were poor or dead hahaha lols

Anonymous said...

to anonymous 8:55am and anonymous 6:02pm, reading with comprehension lang yan mga teh...