Monday, July 29, 2013

Phuket Village in Balesin.

Even from afar, you can already tell the splendor that Thailand has to offer. In this case, Phuket, as it is one of the villages in Balesin. After seeing Mykonos, Bali, The Balesin Spa, I was just too excited to see what will welcome us in this village. 

When you open the doors, the restaurant greets you with fragrances of assorted spices. I knew that this is a restaurant that I will not miss. In fact, we made a reservation as soon as we entered. 

Based on Nix Alanon's suggestion, we ordered the catfish salad and were so glad we did. 


Sticky rice with mango is a must. 

I could have had a dozen bows of this water chestnut with coconut cream. 

In Phuket, we were able to meet Australian Executive Chef Mark Biddle of Balesin Island Club. He actually came from Phuket, Thailand where he worked in Hilton for a while. 

By the poolside, another dark black tiled pool entices the guests to cool off. 

Just to let you know, in every village, there is a pool for you to enjoy. As a guest of Balesin, you can use ANY of the pool in the island. What's even better? It's open for 24 hours! Don't know how to get to another village at 3 am?? Don't fret, the golf buggies are available for you 24/7. All you need to do is pick up the phone. 

Anyway, the villas in Phuket is just amazing. If we weren't booked in Balesin Village, I would have probably stayed here. 

In this villa, 4 people can stay comfortably. 

In the bathroom, there is a private outdoor heated jacuzzi. 

The front of the villa is a lanai where you have your own lounge bed facing the beach. You may opt to get your massage here. 

This is also the first time we met the General Manager of Balesin Island Club, Mr. Rene Verhulst. We were given the chance to sit down and talk more the following night. Stay tuned. 

Dennis, Ivar and I were very happy campers. 

To learn more about Balesin click on Phuket Village. 

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