Friday, July 26, 2013

Do you want to be in King James' Shoes?

Ok, call me a dork but I didn't know who James LeBron was until Isabel Gatuslao came to Jul B. Dizon for a project. 

Perhaps I would hear my brother CJ shout, " GO LEBRON!!!!" once in a while when he would watch basketball. I don't know. I stopped following basketball since Anejo and Purefoods. That was when I was in love with Alvin Patrimonio. 

Anyway, King James. I was shocked at how many people lined up to get tickets for his appearance here in Manila. I guess he's really good at what he does. I still like Michael Jordan. Gosh, I am old.

I googled to know a little bit more about him and I was quite surprised to see him on the cover of Vogue with Gisele Bundchen. Although it looked a lot of fun shooting, I kinda don't get the angry shouting face while hugging the jolly and smiling Gisele. 

Now, this one I like!!!! 

The story about how Jul B. Dizon got involved, somehow, with King James is because of Ms. Isabel Gatuslao. She was asked to design a pair of shoes in the name of the King and thought that some kind of jewelry would be different and unique. 

She went to Ginny and from there, three of our basketball addicted goldsmiths went into full warrior gear and stayed up all night to make some of the design into reality. 

The outcome.

Putting it on the shoe. 

The final look with Isabel's additional design.

Read all about it in Isabel

It is also the only shoe, so far, that has been featured in King James' website which makes it super duper, ultra mega special!!! 

Read all about it in James

Congratulations Isabel!!! I know a little bit more about James LeBron, thanks to you. 

By the way, where is Alvin Patrimonio nowadays?


isagatuslao said...

Wow thanks for blogging Candy! Love the pictures I have not seen before! :) So cute how you call him James Lebron!! Love it!!!

anne said...

Cands medyo kulang pa pagkilala mo
it's Lebron James

Candy B. Dizon said...

WHHHATTTT??? Ano ba talaga ang pangalan niya?? I am so confused!!! HAHAHAH!!!

roxy831 said...

Haha super laugh trip!