Wednesday, July 17, 2013

When Readers Do Not Read.

By now, you must know about my posts about ChilLine T House, the good and the bad. If you want, you can re-read the Good Side of ChilLine T House once again to refresh your memory about what I wrote. 

I recently got this comment from Anonymous and it just proves that when some people read, they either:

1. Really don't try to understand what they are reading.

2. React violently right away without letting the words sink in. 
3. Cannot read between the lines.
4. Just love to hate making themselves haters. 
5. Has no sense of humor.
6. Not really very smart.

Hey, I really don't like being mean but Anonymous did say I have a fat hip. That's below the belt, literally. 

So, what I did was to ask Fifi, the reason why I got a very rude comment, to be my guest writer and address this commenter himself, after all, Anonymous did try to defend him. 

This is the comment that I got. 

Ugh wow you can blog about all these parties and events and you can't give your loyal employees decent clothes? I mean are you serious? Asking on the internet? Wtf kind of person are you. I feel bad that they have worked for you for 15 years. I honestly hope they get better employers and you slip and break your fat hip going down your high horse. on The Good Side of ChilLine T house.

This is Fifi's reply. 

To my defender:

Please allow me to straighten some facts:
1.  I am not a houseboy.  I am a housegirl!
2.  I am not poor.  I will be, if I don't marry a girl before my mother leaves this world.
3.  I don't need donations.  The butas butas shirt is actually a design from a famous Japanese avant garde designer, Kikofuji Nanbantei.
4.  The sandals is not my only pair.  I wear those on purpose to get shoes as gifts for Christmas, birthday and Holy Week!
5.  The driver isn't actually JUST a driver.  He is also my lover.  Yes, to his wife, I am known as the husband's lover! And he is the one wearing the decent clothes. Obviously, he is doing very well, being employed by the Dizon's, which makes me think about applying there. 
6.  My real address is: 1B Sandamakmak na Pera Drive, Pamana sa Kung Sinuman ang Magpa-anak Sa Akin Village, Mukhang Hindi Naliligong Instik City

If one day though, I do become poor, worry not!  I am well equipped with various degrees both from cheap and expensive schools - which will help me become rich again!  And hopefully be able to buy the love of the man of my dreams!

On a very serious note, I truly appreciate your care and love (love daw oh!).  The words written by Candy about me were all just for fun!  Close kami sobrang sobra!  Live life and light!!

P.S.  Don't be deceived by the picture.  I am extremely good looking in Ferson.



"Nuff" said. 


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

payag ako magpaanak sa kanya

njmanang said...

LMAO Houseperson (more PC) is very hip in his winter garb. In fairness to Anonymous masyado kasing casual yung summer outfit ni Fifi :)

Anonymous said...

Bwahahahaahha!! That is soooo effing funny!!!! I may not know you personally and also Fifi but i got the joke on your post.. At may sumeryoso ha!!! Pero grabe panalo si Fifi!!!! The best reply ever!

Anonymous said...

Omg. Some people are just so dumb and rude. Btw! FIFI nice picture! ;))

Some people are @%(&#$ said...

To Anonymous Hater,
Be careful what you wish for.
KARMA is a digital bitch!
That is, if you can comprehend this,
which I doubt very much

Anonymous said...

one word to anon: BASAG!

Kababata said...

Jefifi! You are so funny!!!hahahaha