Thursday, September 1, 2011

DAWA- what??

Here's my new's called DAWA.

The Dawa African Cocktail is said to be so potent that it will cure whatever ails you. Dawa means "medicine" or "magic potion" in Swahili. The recipe is based on a famous Brazilian drink that was introduced to Kenya. It is now one of the most widely consumed cocktails in Kenya and now by ME! 

Here's how to make it. 

Glass of crushed ice. 

Fill it up with your favorite Vodka.

Squeeze calamani or lime in. Dump the fruit in your drink.

A spoon full of honey makes the world a happier place.


Thanks to my YAP family who slowly but surely is trying to make me into a more experienced drinker. I think they don't like it when I start dancing on the table after one glass of Cosmopolitan. 

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Anonymous said...

i love this drink too! i was drinking this the whole time during my honeymoon at kenya.