Friday, September 30, 2011

Amazing Peeple!

This is the coolest thing I have seen in many years. 

 Made in collaboration with Alex Schweder La and Dieter Janssen
Peeple are playthings for peetime. 

They are heat sensitive decals with two layers installed on the interiors of upright urinals. 

When heated by urine, the top layer disappears 
thereby revealing the characters in their underclothes.

Your choices of art. 

When your pee heats up the Peeple, their clothes disappear to show what's underneath! 
Is that cool or what???

The narrative inherent in this unveiling explores the disjunction between a person's external presentation of him or herself and their private lives. This work is presented as a book in which three narratives unfold using various characters.

If only I had an upright urinal at home!!! 
If you do and want this amazing toilet art, then  you buy your book of PEEPLE now!

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